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We were created with the sole purpose of having fun and helping each other. There is no level requirement, we just ask that you stay active, friendly, helpful, and fun.
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Welcome all Butterfly members!
Butterfly was created on July 9, 2011, by Fraise and Intimacy, really just for fun. However, the day after we created it, we already had a new member! We strive to help our members, be it with dungeon runs, raids, equipment, quests, or just talking. We would like all of you to do the same.
We're a pretty lax guild, very laidback, so we won't be breathing down others' necks for any reason.
We DO run every daily raid every day. Except Glas is a bit of a problem, so sometimes we may not finish him. We usually begin after 11am PST/2pm EST.
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